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Modern world
Modern world

Virtual dating: only “for”.

The modern world is not standing still and is developing at a breakneck pace. And our life is seething, trying to be in tune with the rapidly evolving technology. We do our best to do everything in this life, but, as a rule, always have to put something above other priorities.

Everyone has long known that such acquaintance online, thanks to a computer and the internet. It’s just an amazing opportunity to meet with your loved one, even from the comfort of home. After all, we are often afraid to meet on the street, in bars, restaurants and other public places. And with the help of the internet we have a real opportunity to make the acquaintance, a virtual first, and then the living. The Internet is much easier. To communicate you do not necessarily look at 100%. Since the other person does not see you, but only your photos, you can be dressed up to whatever you want and still go about their business.

What are the advantages of this communication?

Correspondence allows you to find your companion better, so that you could understand it suits you or not. Many sites now offer to organize acquaintance who for 40. With these people, who often have lost faith in their own marital happiness will be able to find your life partner. It is also thanks to the Internet, you have a great opportunity to find a soul mate from other countries! When communicating with his companion from another country you can use Skype for what would make sure that this is a real person. On dating sites, you can usually specify your search its second half. Your preferences will be taken into consideration, and you can choose the best options for you.

If you find a web site, which shows a large customer base, you can find a companion and an interesting man, not only from Russia and the CIS countries, but also from other countries. Thanks to the Internet to find their second half and managed to find a happy family is not one hundred pairs. So do not be afraid of this kind of dating. After all, it’s perfectly safe. Think about it now, as time goes on, and it has not come back. But it is never too late to find marital bliss. Just need a little patience and faith, and all will come true. Do not leave the matter to then prioritize in their lives right. Set a goal – to find a soul mate, wherever it might be. Believe me, you’re not the first person who is afraid to take a step towards destiny. Who knows, maybe your future spouse has been waiting for you on one of the dating sites.

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Тина Тернер и Эрвин Бах сыграли свадьбу по-буддистски.
Известная американская певица и актриса Тина Тернер и музыкальный продюсер Эрвин Бах, зарегистрировав несколько недель назад свой брак, в минувшие выходные отпраздновали это событие на собственной вилле в Швейцарии на берегу Цюрихского озера. Торжество проходило по буддистской традиции, поэтому всех гостей попросили прийти в белых одеждах.

Церемония была полностью закрыта для журналистов и проходило в кругу друзей. Как и гости, которых молодожены, живущие вместе уже около 27 лет, попросили прийти на праздник в белых нарядах, Тернер и Бах также были в костюмах такого цвета, передают интернет-СМИ. Дом новобрачных украшали 70 тысяч роз.

В общей сложности на свадебное пиршество пригласили более 120 человек, в том числе и британского музыканта Дэвида Боуи, и американскую телеведущую Опру Уинфри.

Из-за опасений о том, что большое количество папарацци и просто любопытствующих создадут угрозу безопасности праздника, местные власти даже ограничили движение катеров на Цюрихском озере вблизи от места проведения свадьбы знаменитостей.

К свадьбе 73-летняя Тина Тернер начала готовиться в апреле этого года, после того как наконец-то получила швейцарский паспорт. Ради гражданства Щвейцарии певице пришлось при помощи репетитора изучать немецкий язык.

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