How do I find a man for the first week of dating.
In summer, the weather has to take walks in the park, where dating is often tied. Beach or resort – also ideal for a romantic rendezvous. Not always such love going well, but there are good ways to find a man in the first days.

1. To begin, try to feel the first impression of communicating with him – whether it be personal meeting or dating online. If something is confusing and off-putting, try to understand what it is. You would think he was too categorical in his cold eyes, frowning face? .. Write these feelings down on paper. Just do not try to invent anything. Just describe the feeling of the person.

2. Listen carefully to what he says. As a general rule, any acquaintance begins with a story about his work, family and former partners. Do not hesitate to ask questions. During the first days of dating are usually sincere. Here’s the “beacons” that should alert you:

– He begins a conversation with the listing of female qualities, which does not accept;
– He enthusiastically talks about past failed relationships, blaming the parting of their women;
– He speaks negatively about their colleagues or parents;
– He complains about his health, boring work, low wages …
– He says more than you;
– It gives an estimate of your friends (her ex-husband, children, …), despite the fact that never saw them;
– He boasts about how deftly handled the previous mistresses;
– He is convinced that he – a godsend for every woman who gets near. The main thing is that it is a match for him;
– He asks you too much detail about your ex men;
– He is trying to impose on you my ideas about life and annoyed if you try to argue.

3. Try to talk with him about his hobbies. Ask aware of whether it is the latest news in the world of politics, movies, music …

4. Watch how he will pay off in the cafe. Offer to pay half of the bill itself. In general, the thrifty man – it’s a good idea, and generous – even better. But if he starts to count the pennies, your companion just a meanie. A greedy usually stingy not only spending, but in the expression of feelings.

5. Finally, talk to him about his mother. Typically, the ratio of men to it unconsciously transferred to the woman he loves. If he says it quietly, without humiliation and exaltation, all right. If the scolding, criticizing, or tells you what it is – the best woman in his life, and he will always take care of her, in front of you a notorious tyrant home, which you will never be able to please.